Sundarban Hilsa Festival

Sundarban Hilsa Festival Tour is no doubt a great idea to taste Hilsa. This festival winks all the taste loving tourists. To seek for the Mainly the Bangalee who are fond of Hilsa. Tourists really lurk for it throughout the year. Someone also calls it as Sundarban Hilsa Special Package Tour. It is one of the best ever Hilsa Taste Tour. Further more someone calls it as Illish Utsav Tour too. As because the 3 Days Hilsa Festival Tour will give you a special festive moments that must be kept in your personal memoirs. First of all the variety of Hilsa Special Dishes must touch you with the best level of your taste. Surely you have never tasted it before. On the other hand the taste of deep forest and its wild lives also make you happy. Another thing is all meals are to be served with Special Hilsa Dishes


Sundarban Hilsa Festival indicates a special amusement and taste of Hilsa. Obviously the Bangalee Tourists are more ahead than other tourists. Mainly we conduct this Hilsa Festival Tour in the month of August. But tourists taste it till before Dussera. Obviously the tour becomes more tasty with the special delicious dishes. As for example Hilsa Fry, Vapoured Hilsa, Mustard Hilsa, Hilsa Paturi, Posto Hilsa, Begun Hilsa, Hilsa Polao are remarkable. Most importantly it tastes the best quality. In addition our hospitality and service is also appraising. Also our Hotel and boat must catch your eyes. Besides that the phenomenal features of the tour touch you the most. There are also the attractions of the beautiful Sundarban National Park. Wild animals, man eating crocodiles into the river will also bring your adventurous feelings. Therefore Hilsa loving tourists wait just like a lurk to have the taste of Sundarban Hilsa Special Tour.