Sundarban Puja Package Tour


Sundarban Puja Package Tour is a different kind of tour from other tours. It will touch you with the rural traditional puja cum culture of the remote Sundarban. You will have a new experience with the remote villagers. A few moments with them will turn you in the reality of life. It seems that the rural pure environment and fresh air must console you. Not only that Puja Package Tour to Sundarban will  take you to the dense forest of the Sundarban National Park too. Mainly it starts after The Mahalaya and lasts till Diwali. During the day you will enjoy the natural beauty and wild lives moving freely in Sundarban. In addition to that delicious food items are also there to enchant you. Of course it will take you to different traditional puja pandels in the evening by motor boat and rural paddled van through rural winding muddy way.

In fact you may touch the actual natural scenic view of the remote rural sundarban village nature. In spite of that the vast golden paddy field, twinkling of kash flowers, mud huts, domestic animals, chirping birds, ducks floating in ponds and canals, lotus blooming in ponds, red sun setting beyond horizon etc. must catch your eyes. Just experience the rural sundarban village rituals, culture, tradition, fair and myth. The more there are new feeling, new ecstasy, new charm and new thrills that you have never enjoyed before. While going through rural winding muddy way you may be thinking something special experience. Not only that after puja pandel visit the most exciting local folk dance will take you to the best level of your ecstasy. Truely since morning to night one after another exciting events must bring you the bliss of heaven. Thus Sundarban Puja Package Tour got popularity among tourists.

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