Sundarban Special Tour

Sundarban Special Tour it is the best Sundarban adventure Tour. Because Sundarban Special Tour touches all remarkable and vital spots including Core Area. At the same time the tour is made with special boat, special delicious menu and special route. Most Importantly travellers fulfill all their expectations through this Special Tour. Certainly the boat we provide seems as like as a House Boat. Once you ride you must feel it as like as a floating hotel. In addition to that rooms are also fitted with good looking furnitures, bed, mirror, glass window. Similarly the food items we serve must give you a special level of taste. As a result they understand what the actual Special Tour is. The tour is no doubt an adventurous journey through narrow creeks and rivers. Consequently it creates a special thrilling moment. Obviously this tour rather creates high probability to watch mangrove forest and wildlife.

Due to the said feature tourists can explore more in Sundarban. In addition to this it is such a Special Tour which must satisfy their quench about sundarban. While they return they carry all their happy and joyous moments along with them. Certainly there are delicious dishes of Vetki, Prawn, Parse, Tangra, Bhangan and more fish items. Beside these the deep forest rout visit will surely help you to explore sundarban more. While you keep on travelling your curiosity and thirst for enjoying sundarban special tour will get increased. After all it will give you the extra milage of your journey. Even you will enjoy here the maximum vital spots and narrow creeks. The more everyday we shall take you through a special adventurous Deep Forest Route. This tour must recollect your joyous adventures for ever. As a result all above features made us popular before all our valuable guests.