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Sundarban Tourist Boat is the most vital for sundarban tour. Actually during the day journey boat will be as like your home. And as we take all protective measures at home so also the boat must have protection from all corners. Mainly a few points we should keep in mind while booking a boat for Sundarban Tour. Firstly check the safety measures available in boat. Secondly the checking of body structure and its strength is also important. Thirdly the engine capacity, quality and horsepower should be checked. Finally you have to check if the necessary repairing has been done before season or not. Obviously the above points may secure your journey safe. Tourist Houseboat is most important for travelling through Sundarban Riverine Mangrove Forest. All the above features are available in all our Tourist Lonch and Boat. Even our Boat and Lonch are spacious and comfortable for our valuable travelers.

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There are different categories of Tourist boats. According to engine capacity the boats may carry passengers. So there are 3 categories ie small, medium, and heavy . Small one may carry upto 25 passengers. Medium boat may carry 35 passengers and the heavy may carry maximum 45 passengers. But a Lonch may carry the maximum 65 passengers. The advantage of the higher capacity boat is its gear. As a result boat can be still at any point of time. It may also go to the backward direction. It means driver can easily run the boat and lonch as he wishes. Importantly heavy engine may also beat the tidal waves and winds. Truely all our boats and lonches are equipped with all necessary comfortable items with Western Toilet systems. In addition running water is also available in all our boat toilets. Our kitchen and dining facilities will also catch your eyes.

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